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The European Conferences on Supercritical CO2 (sCO2) were initiated in Vienna in 2016 by an informal committee which was composed of only  a few people. Just recently, in 2018, a formal conference committee was appointed, including the following members:

Dieter Brillert, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Chair of Turbomachinery (conference chair)
Albannie Cagnac, EDF R&D, Fluid Dynamics, Power Generation and Environment Department
Václav Dostál, Czech Technical University in Prague (local conference organizer)
Otakar Frýbort, Research Centre Řež, Energy Technology Department
Uwe Gampe, Technische Universität Dresden, Chair of Thermal Power Machinery and Plants
Markus Haider, Technical University of Vienna, Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics
Andreas Jäger, Technische Universität Dresden, Chair of Thermal Power Machinery and Plants
Rene Pecnik, Technical University of Delft, Department of Process and Energy
Jörg Starflinger, University of Stuttgart, Institute of Nuclear Technology and Energy Systems (IKE)
Teemu Turunen-Saaresti, LUT University, School of Energy Systems
Andreas Werner, Technical University of Vienna, Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics
Marco Astolfi, Energy Department of Politecnico di Milano

The organisation of the conference is divided into a local organisation team and a general committee team. The local organisation team manages the conference venue, including accommodations and hotel recommendations as well as traveling advices. The team is led by one of the general committee team members. The general committee team, on the other hand, arranges the paper review process, registration, the agenda preparation and manages external contacts and the committee's representation, which also includes the website.

Conference Topics (related to Energy Systems)

Heat Exchanger and Transfer

Turbomachines and Cycles

sCO2 Applications and Energy Systems

sCO2 Experiments and Loops

Fluid and Material Aspects

Selected papers of the 4th conference are in the Energy Journal, this is also intended for the 5th conference:

Publications sCO2 Conference 2023

1. Heat Exchanger and Transfer

1. Heat Exchanger and Transfer

  • Optimization of the air channels on the Diverse Ultimate Heat Sink for sCO2 power cycle

  • Thermodynamic Analysis of a Reactive Particle-to-sCO2 Heat Exchanger for Recovering Stored Thermochemical Energy

  • Experimental and Numerical Study on Thermal Hydraulic Performance of Trapezoidal Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger for Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle

  • A methodology to design air-cooled condensers for supercritical power cycles using carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide mixtures

  • Numerical analysis of heat exchanger design in a techno-economic optimization of a sCO2 system

2. Turbomachines and Cycles

2. Turbomachines and Cycles

  • Transient simulation and analysis of a supercritical co2 heat removal system under different abnormal operation conditions

  • Design and testing of a supercritical CO2 compander for 2 MW

  • Further development of a through-flow program by considering real gas equation of state

  • Design and Evaluation of Low Specific Speed Expander for Geothermal Energy Application

  • Dynamic Simulation and Experimental Validation of a 35 MW Heat Pump Based on a Transcritical CO2 Cycle

  • Design and Computational Assessment of a Supercritical CO2 Compressor for Waste Heat Recovery Applications

  • Design of an axial sCO2 turbine for a demo plant in an industrial environment

  • Analysis of the potential of CO2 based mixtures to improve the efficiency of cogenerative waste heat recovery power plants

  • Design of Compact Radial Turboexpanders for sCO2 Power Systems

3. sCO2 Applications and Energy Systems

3. sCO2 Applications and Energy Systems

  • Performance and Cost Potential for Direct-Fired Supercritical CO2 Natural Gas Power Plants

  • Part load analysis of a constant inventory supercritical CO2 power plant for waste heat recovery in cement industry

  • Techno-economic analysis and optimization of sCO2 power cycle

  • Impact of Flue gas variations on dynamics and performance of a MW scale Waste Heat to Power unit using supercritical CO2 as working fluid

  • Thermoeconomic analysis of PTES layouts evolving sCO2 for industrial WHR integration

4. sCO2 Experiments and Loops

4. sCO2 Experiments and Loops

  • sCO2 test facility at TU Wien: design, operation and results

  • Design and setup of the suCOO-Lab sCO2 test facility at TU Dresden

  • Study of PID-based sCO2 System Control Method

  • The steady behavior of the supercritical carbon dioxide natural convection loop

  • System analysis of experimental sCO2 cycle Sofia

  • CO2 purification for sCO2 loop in Rez - summary of the test results

  • Performance comparison of temperature sensors for closed cycles operating with supercritical CO2

  • Modeling of Autonomous Brayton Cycle (ABC) Loop with GAMMA+ code for Micro Modular Reactor Simulation Application

5. Fluid and Material Aspects

5. Fluid and Material Aspects

  • Exergetic and Entropy Analysis of the PCRC and RCMCI Brayton Cycles Using s-CO2 Mixtures. Case Study: Marine Applications

  • Influence of the equation of state on the design of sCO2-power cycles

  • Review of HAYNES(R) 282(R) alloy for supercritical CO2 structural applications

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The conference proceedings are indexed in the SCOPUS database and the best papers are published in a special issue of Elservier’s journal ‘Energy’.


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